Leaf girl print. A girl going up in leaves. Beauty and fragility of nature captured into this delicious illustration.

Nature will always win. With enough time, nature always wins. We can try to ruin earth, pollute the seas and air that we breathe. But in the end, we will be gone. Become extinct. But nature will restore in time. But we need to understand that we do not have this time. Our life is constricted to less than 100 years. Nature doesn’t care for this small amount of time. We are no more than a blemish on earth’s surface. A rotten disease that will be fixed in a matter of time.

Great examples are plants growing out of cracks in concrete, a sign on a tree that is consumed by the tree over the years. A tree growing through an abandoned car. Even in places we can’t live any more like Chernobyl, because of deadly radiation, trees, plants and wildlife flourishes. And this happened in only 35 years. Nature has a lot of time. We do not.

This racerback tank is soft with a loose, flowy fit. The shirring on the back also adds some feminine detail.

• Made of 65% polyester/35% viscose
• A-line body with a relaxed, drapey fit
• Side seams and merrowed bottom hem
• Shirring at racerback seam