There are no profits… yet 😉 I just started up. But if I do make a profit, I will donate to a cause like planting trees or ocean cleanup. So this will be evaluated if the website starts to run!

At least 15% of profits, but preferably more, will go to good causes. As the website grows, so will this percentage! This is a promise!

As of now, I am donating personally to Offset Earth. Every month. For every product sold on this webshop, I will plant 1 tree using their service. If you like, you can donate now using the link below. Doing this will reduce your personal CO2 footprint. So, if you go on a trip by plane, you can compensate here and make the QuinTees forest huge! P.S. Fun thing is, if you donate on my forest, your trees will have your name on them when you click on them. Donating big, will result in more clicks ;))))

We offset our carbon footprint via Offset Earth