That depends on how it is printed and what technique is used.

Don’t worry, we use print-on-demand. This means, when you order a T-shirt, someone picks your size and quality T-shirt from a warehouse and runs over to the printer! This printer is famous for the lack of waste it produces. No waste water in this procedure. This printing technique also uses eco-friendly water based inks.

We will avoid printing techniques like plastisol, flock, glossy foil printing, raised up printing, injection printing, metallic print, discharge printing, even chemical peel… the list goes on. Because of their weight on the environment.

There are a few items in the QuinTees webshop like mugs and backpacks that use sublimation printing. The image is transferred onto the items with a heat press. Those inks are not harmful for the environment but they do have some extra waste because of the transfer paper used.