Let me tell you first that I was shocked by the lack of eco friendly alternatives with print-on-demand providers, when I was looking into making this webshop. Some products are not eco-friendly on its own, but when you look at how they are produced, you can see they are manufactured in a sustainable and/or ethical way.

So, I had to make a moral choice.

The choice I made was to create a webshop that will grow in a sustainable way. So I contacted my supplier and asked them to look into organic cotton T-shirts first. They promised me they are already taking steps into making their product range more sustainable and will be added asap.

So, the products in my store are from brands that are considered sustainable or ethical. These brands do take sustainability quite serious in their production process and provide much better working conditions. This way, I can create a webshop to spread the message. More info about these brands policies:
Bella+CanvasGildanAmerican Apparel

A piece of garment on its own, can become even more sustainable if it is treated more sustainable. Only wash it when it is dirty, not when it is just wrinkled. Wear it longer so it has a longer lifespan. And when you do not want it any more, sell it or give it to a second hand shop. This way, you are helping our environment as well.

I am a strong believer in the fact that eco consciousness is a journey. That counts for this webshop too!