About Quin and the eco QuinTees website2020-02-19T20:42:49+00:00
This is me. Just some green weirdo from QuinTees.com
This is me. Just some green weirdo from QuinTees.com

About me

But don’t study me,
you won’t graduate.

I love nature and I can’t see her getting hurt. So I want to do something to help our little blue planet.

I have been a designer for a sustainable fashion brand the last 10 years. But it’s time for my own story now.

You should know that I did learn a thing or 2 about sustainability in the last couple of years. Don’t get me wrong; I’m far from a climate warrior, but I do think there is a climate movement coming and people are willing to fight for our mutual mother. Mother earth. That is why all designs will have something to do with nature or earth. Bold statements are a big part of this. If we all wear a t-shirt making a similar statement, politics will have to listen and earth will benefit. Join our movement! #savetheearth #ecoconscious

Hey Q, what about this…

What is your modus operandi?2020-02-15T12:09:34+00:00

I might disappoint you I think. There is no big team pulling strings here. Nope. For now it’s just me. Quinten, a green weirdo.

Because I do most things myself, I can’t afford to have a lot of work on administration and fulfillment. So, I work with a fulfillment partner that offers print-on-demand services. This way, I can concentrate on what matters most, like design and keeping the website and social media up-to-date!

There is another advantage that comes with print-on-demand, there is no stock of non-selling designs and therefore no waste products! Every product sold on this website is made on demand.

Is printing on T-shirts eco friendly?2020-03-01T19:05:49+00:00

That depends on how it is printed and what technique is used.

Don’t worry, we use print-on-demand. This means, when you order a T-shirt, someone picks your size and quality T-shirt from a warehouse and runs over to the printer! This printer is famous for the lack of waste it produces. No waste water in this procedure. This printing technique also uses eco-friendly water based inks.

We will avoid printing techniques like plastisol, flock, glossy foil printing, raised up printing, injection printing, metallic print, discharge printing, even chemical peel… the list goes on. Because of their weight on the environment.

There are a few items in the QuinTees webshop like mugs and backpacks that use sublimation printing. The image is transferred onto the items with a heat press. Those inks are not harmful for the environment but they do have some extra waste because of the transfer paper used.

Is everything here eco-friendly?2020-03-01T19:14:51+00:00

Let me tell you first that I was shocked by the lack of eco friendly alternatives with print-on-demand providers, when I was looking into making this webshop. Some products are not eco-friendly on its own, but when you look at how they are produced, you can see they are manufactured in a sustainable and/or ethical way.

So, I had to make a moral choice.

The choice I made was to create a webshop that will grow in a sustainable way. So I contacted my supplier and asked them to look into organic cotton T-shirts first. They promised me they are already taking steps into making their product range more sustainable and will be added asap.

So, the products in my store are from brands that are considered sustainable or ethical. These brands do take sustainability quite serious in their production process and provide much better working conditions. This way, I can create a webshop to spread the message. More info about these brands policies:
Bella+CanvasGildanAmerican Apparel

A piece of garment on its own, can become even more sustainable if it is treated more sustainable. Only wash it when it is dirty, not when it is just wrinkled. Wear it longer so it has a longer lifespan. And when you do not want it any more, sell it or give it to a second hand shop. This way, you are helping our environment as well.

I am a strong believer in the fact that eco consciousness is a journey. That counts for this webshop too!

Are all designs made by Quinten?2020-03-01T19:02:44+00:00

Most of the designs are made by me. For some illustrations, I will work together other illustrators who convert my ideas into a print! I am always looking for great (but affordable) illustrators who provide amazing and delicious conscious designs.

Do you support charities2020-03-01T19:16:14+00:00

There are no profits… yet 😉 I just started up. But if I do make a profit, I will donate to a cause like planting trees or ocean cleanup. So this will be evaluated if the website starts to run!

At least 15% of profits, but preferably more, will go to good causes. As the website grows, so will this percentage! This is a promise!

As of now, I am donating personally to Offset Earth. Every month. For every product sold on this webshop, I will plant 1 tree using their service. If you like, you can donate now using the link below. Doing this will reduce your personal CO2 footprint. So, if you go on a trip by plane, you can compensate here and make the QuinTees forest huge! P.S. Fun thing is, if you donate on my forest, your trees will have your name on them when you click on them. Donating big, will result in more clicks ;))))

We offset our carbon footprint via Offset Earth
My T-shirt smells like pickles2020-02-09T15:22:15+00:00

Don’t worry, its not pickles! But you may notice a vinegar smell and light discoloration on lighter T-shirts. All inks used are water-based and eco-friendly! That is very good news isn’t it. But these come with a faint ‘new-t-shirt’ smell. If you wash your shirt the first time, smell and discoloration should be gone and it won’t hurt the environment.

This webshop is Carbon Negative2020-03-01T19:00:42+00:00

Yes! This webshop is CARBON NEGATIVE! That is right! Our partner for the webhosting puts 300% of their used power back into the grid from renewable energy sources, creating a negative carbon footprint. Amazing right! Check their infomercial below.

How can I contact you2020-02-15T12:02:11+00:00

I run this webshop all by myself. From creating this site, solving all technical issues, filling it with delicious content, keeping all designs fresh, update all social media channels, making the YouTube shizzle and also answering all possible questions on social media and Facebook messenger. I barely have time to feed my cat anymore.

So if you have a pre-order or non-order question, please contact me using the Facebook messenger chatbox in bottom right corner and allow me a little time to answer your questions 🙂
If you have a question about your order, you can check your account page or reply on one of the mails about your order. This way, things will keep organized a little 😉
Thank you!

How long will it take before to get my products2020-02-18T11:11:24+00:00

Years! No, just kidding. We use a print-on-demand system. So first, your T-shirt or other product needs to be printed. The location it will be printed, is depending on your shipping address. After fulfillment, our print-on-demand supplier will ship the items to you!

Fulfillment usually takes between 2-7 days.
Shipping average is 4 days. (depending on your location and shipping method)
Fulfillment + shipping = estimate delivery time

Please give it a little time before contacting me. Sometimes it’s just a little later 😉

How correct are your pictures2020-02-26T21:32:55+00:00

As I said before, I run this website all by myself. Every time I have a new design, I need to put it online as easy as possible. So I do not organize fashion shoots with these designs. My print-on-demand provider offers me an option to create mockups. They have put a lot of work and effort into the creation of the mockups so they are as realistic as possible. But there are a lot of factors that can change our perception of color. So the color, size or position may be a little different when it arrives. Even the garment can be a little different in the mockups I use on the front page because they are rendered using a mockup service and do not come from my print-on-demand provider. The first packshot you see when you click on a product is the most realistic image.

Just know that I will always do my best to provide the best quality mockups I can!

Size charts of garment2020-03-06T09:23:38+00:00

Every garment has its own description and size chart. Please read this carefully before you order.

Generally speaking, I can say the normal T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies will run a size bigger for EU customers. I live in Belgium and normally wear T-shirts size Extra Large. But I have to order Large so it won’t feel baggy. But the size charts are very accurate so always refer to them. You just have to measure yourself once!

For women slim fit T-shirts like the Triblend, it goes more toward EU standard.

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